Research Laboratory Violence and crime. Prevention and Mediation

Tenured Researcher
  • Ecaterina Balica (Ph.D, researcher second degree)
Associated Researchers and Contributors
  • Frieder Dünkel (Ph.D, Professor, University of Greifswald, Germany, Departament of Criminology)
  • Andreea Păroşanu (Ph.D. student, University of Greifswald, Germany)
  • Valentina Marinescu (Ph.D, Professor, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Sociology)
  • Beatrice Manu (Ph.D, Professor, Faculty of Sociology-Psichology, University Spiru Haret)
  • Ana Bălan (Ph.D, Lecturer,Faculty of Law and Administration, Andrei Şaguna University)
  • Angelica Marinescu (Ph.D, Assistant professor, Faculty of Jurnalism and Communication Studies, University of Bucharest)
  • Anca Cuşmir (Ph.D, The Institute for Crime Research and Prevention)
  • Cristina Pripp (Ph.D, National Penitentiary Administration)
  • Marian Miu (mediator, International Mediation Center)

Brief Description

   The Laboratory intends to carry out interdisciplinary research aimed at providing information about the risk factors and peculiarities which are specific for some acts of violence that are manifest in the Romanian space. The integration of Laboratory’s members within the European and international networks of researchers is one of the central objectives of the activities for this Laboratory. The ultimate goal of connecting researchers to the above-mentioned networks is to carry out comparative research intended to lay the basis for national and international strategies in the field of social intervention and prevention of violence. The research programs initiated by the members of the Laboratory will be centered on approaching and analyzing the problems generated by the Romanian phenomenon of crimes not only in the context of country’s membership of the European Union, but also within the larger context of globalization.

Research Topics

   Migration and crime, violent crime, femicide, homicide-suicide, victims of violence, violence against children, women and elders, restorative justice, probation and mediation.

Research programs
  • 2016-2017- Migration and Violence in Europe
  • 2017-2018- Crime in the European Crowded Cities. Particularities, Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies

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