Management Team

Ph.D Professor Ilie Bădescu

Scientific Secretary

Ion Glodeanu

Chief Accountant

Florin Irimiciuc

   Ilie Bădescu (born 9.05.1948) is Doctor in Sociology, University Professor and Researcher. He is the manager of the Institute of Sociology of the Romanian Academy since 2002. As manager, he has been actively dedicated to the revitalization of the research on social problems in rural Romania, establishing and coordinating within the Institute the Laboratory of Rural Studies. He is the author of numerous studies, handbooks, monographies, encyclopedias and sociology treatises, among which Noologia. Knowledge of the Spiritual Order of the World (2002), Treaty of Geopolitics (2004), Encyclopedia of Universal Sociology (2005), Treaty of Rural Sociology (2009).

   Ion Glodeanu (born 16.10. 1941) is a sociology researcher with a strong professional experience accumulated during the four decades of scientific research. He has been since 1990 the Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Sociology within Romanian Academy and coordinator of the Research Laboratory Sociology of organizations. Intervention in enterprises and social dialogue. He has published numerous books and articles including: Knowledge, the New Power Resource (2006), From Mediocracy to Meritocracy. Knowledge Society and New Elite (2007), New Paradigms of Innovation (2009) (co-author, Ph.D Oscar Hoffman).

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