The Institute of Sociology of the Romanian Academy is a scientific research organization in the field of social-human sciences, having half a century of experience in carrying out activities in the specified field. The Institute is the successor of the Center for Sociological Researches that was set up in 1966 under the aegis of Romanian Academy.

   In the last 20 years, the Institute of Sociology has contributed to the fostering of an integrative vision of research as well as of connecting to the latest directions in the social-human sciences and to the tradition of Sociological School from Bucharest and to the ideals that upheld the founders’ values of this School.

   Rendering valuable the model of trigeneration integration of resources of intelligence and training, the research team of the Institute of Sociology gathers personalities of present sociological research, as well as early career researchers. In the last years, the managerial policy of the Institute has been sustainably based on the development of research team through recruiting competent young researchers, constituting nowadays one of the youngest of the research institutes of the Romanian Academy.

   The Institute carries out activities within eleven research departments, accomplishing fundamental as well as applied researches. Researchers as well as associated researchers, personalities from different fields of research related to the main sociological field and yound Ph.D. candidates interested in a research carrier carry aut activities within the Institute’s laboratories.

   Part of the studies published by our researchers, relevant in the field of social sciences, are available on-line at:

  The financing sources of the Institute derives from both budgetary subventions and public research grants. In the last 10 years, the Institute managed many research programs on significant topics, actively implicated in the dissemination of the reports or delivering the research results to the institutions directly involved in the public management.

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