Research Laboratory Social Encyclopedia and Regional Studies

Tenured Researchers
  • Ilie Bădescu (researcher first degree, Ph.D.)
  • Valentina Roşca (researcher third degree, Ph.D)
  • Iulian Apostu (reseacher, Ph.D)
Associated Researchers and Contributors
  • Dan Banciu (researcher first degree, Ph.D.)
  • Martin Hauser (professor, Ph.D., specialist in cultural studies, afilliated UNESCO)
  • Franz-Lothar Altmann (professor, Ph.D, specialist in political sociology and international relations)
  • Foozhan Nemalhabib (Ph.D, specialist in geopolitics and international relations)
  • Ioan Popa (Ph.D, specialist in political sociology)
  • Iancu Filipescu (Professor, Ph.D, specialist in history of sociology)
  • Mihai Milca (professor, Ph.D., specialist in political communication and public administration)
  • Vasile Leca (Ph.D, diplomacy)

Brief Description

   The emergence of a theoretical or methodological synthesis work marks a point of maturity of research, consolidation and systematization for the knowledge of a field. The lack of analytical tools to guid the research is a cause for the social actions' difficulties. The Institute of Sociology aims to support the translation of fundamental works, recovering forgotten writings, or synthesizing theoretical and methodological novelties.

Research topics
  • Monographies, encyclopedic records, translations
Research Programs
  • 2014-2016 - Ethno-political encyclopedia of the East European area. Fact sheets, documents and analyzes
  • 2017-2019 - Encyclopedia of the Sociological School from Bucharest.

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