Research Laboratory Rural sociology and Community Comparative Studies

Tenured Researcher
  • Ilie Bădescu (Researcher first degree, Ph.D)
  • Florin Popa (Researcher, Ph.D)
  • Carmen Bucinschi (Assistant of research)
Associated Researchers and Contributors
  • Monica Popa (Ph.D, sociologist, specialist in rural sociology)
  • Claudia Buruiană (sociologist, specialist in community development)
  • Monica Vasile (Ph.D, sociologist and anthropologist, specialist in rural sociology and economic and environmental anthropology)
Research Topics

   Rural sociology, community development, public policies

Brief Description

   The Laboratory aimed to promote a network of working groups that examine relevant directions of studying human communities and their selective performances. The network's research projects can be searchable by thematic category or keyword for those who are interested in the Lab’s studies and to take part at the Lab’s activity. The most relevant working groups that carry out research in the Laboratory are: the group focused on the assessment of social impact of disaster’s scenarios; inter-institutional and multidisciplinary group focused on the Social Encyclopaedia of Romania; Genealogical Capital of European Countries: comparative studies on the “demographic winter” in Europe and on the spiritual genograms.

Programe de cercetare
  • 2014-2016 - Community responses to rapid social change
  • 2014-2016 - The rural sociological atlas. Forms of collective ownership in the Southeast European area
  • 2017-2019 - Sociological Atlas of Community Resilience in Romania

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