Fundamental Research Programs (2017-2019)
Research Laboratory Social Encyclopedia and Regional Studies

Research program Encyclopedia of the Sociological School from Bucharest

Coordinator: Professor Ph.D Ilie Bădescu

Research Laboratory Rural sociology and Community Comparative Studies

Research program Sociological Atlas of Community Resilience in Romania

Coordinator: Researcher Ph.D Florin Popa

Research Laboratory Social Theory and History of Sociology

Research program Theoretical Models on Social Morphology

Coordinator: Researcher Third Degree, Ph.D Adela Șerban

Research Laboratory Sociology of Communication and Public Space

Research program Mediapolis: media and public issues in transnational contexts

Coordinator: Researcher Second Degree, Ph.D Nicolae Perpelea

Research Laboratory Social Europe

Research program Faraway Europe: Memory, Confluences and Influences

Coordinator: Researcher First Degree, Ph.D Valentina Pricopie

Research Laboratory Applied Qualitative Methodology

Research program Qualitative methods and research techniques

Coordinator: Researcher Third Degree, Ph.D Ozana Cucu-Oancea

Research Laboratory Sociology of Organizations. Intervention in Enterprises and Social Dialogue

Research program The labor market from the perspective of the Europe 2020 strategy

Coordinator: Researcher Second Degree Ion Glodeanu

Research Laboratory Religion and society

Research program The religiosity of Romanians in the past and present. Sociological studies on the Romanian beliefs and religious practices

Coordinator: Researcher Third Degree, Ph.D Manuela Gheorghe

Research Laboratory Political Sociology

Research program Social and political vulnerabilities in contemporary Romanian society

Coordinator: Researcher, Ph.D Veronica Dumitrașcu

Research Laboratory Violence and Crime. Prevention and mediation

Research program Crime in the European Crowded Cities. Particularities, Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies

Coordinator: Researcher Second Degree, Ph.D Ecaterina Balica

   Dimitrie Gusti and all the scholars of the School he founded represent a part of Romania's intangible heritage. The Bucharest School of Sociology means both institutional construction, exceptional capabilities and skills, a new system of knowledge and explanation. In a word, we speak of a spiritual heritage of inestimable value. An Encyclopedia must capitalize this inheritance exemplifying the function of the Romanian state as a state of culture at the Lower Danube.

   The current trend calls for more frequent use of mapping methods and techniques in the process of assessing community resilience in socio-economic terms. The project aims to develop the Atlas of Social Resilience as a tool for analyzing the resilience of human communities. This will be achieved by creating an index of social resilience.

   The project aims to study the corpus of social theories and explanatory models elaborated in sociology and in related branches of science on two fundamental social realities and concepts: community and identity. In the context of a deficient methodizing and understanding of analytical tools regarding fundamental constituents of social reality, the research team is interested to study the scientific frameworks for understanding elaborated so far on social morphology and to critically approach them in order to improve the specialized theoretical tools.

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