Romanian Observatory on Homicide Studies and Prevention

  • Dr. Habil. Balica Ecaterina senior Researcher, Institute of Sociology
  • Comisar șef de poliție Radu Emilian Gavriș – Director adjunct Direcția Generală a Poliției Municipiului București
  • Serviciul Omoruri – Direcția Generală de Poliție a Municipiului București
International Experts
  • Dr. Shalva Weil, Senior researcher, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Research Institute for Innovation in Education, Israel
  • Dr. Heidi Stöckl, Director of the Gender Violence and Health Centre in the Department of Global Health and Development at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Carmen Vives Cases, Vice-Dean for Research, Postgraduate Studies & Internationalisation, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Alicante, Spain
  • Dr. Bianca Fox, Senior Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Nilghiun Ismail, Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the University of Giresun, Turkey
Associated Researchers
  • Prof. Univ.dr. Valentina Marinescu
  • Conf.Univ.dr. Cristina Pripp
  • Drd. Camelia Steliana (Herea) Stan, Comisar șef de penitenciare, Director adjunct Reintegrare socială, Reprezentant Penitenciar Mărgineni
  • Oana Sandu, reporter, Decât o Revistă (DoR)

Brief Description

   The Romanian Observatory on Homicide Studies and Prevention (ORAPO) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory operating within the Institute of Sociology of the Romanian Academy. ORAPO brings together a range of nationally and international specialists from various areas of expertise (sociology, psychology, criminology and communication). The aim of the laboratory is the analysis of data on the killings committed in Romania and the elaboration of preventive measures adapted to the identified risk factors. ORAPO’s activities focus on four main areas of action: research, prevention, communication and training. ORAPO aims to inform the public accurately on issues regarding homicides and thus contribute to shaping a correct attitude towards violence with lethal risk, victims and aggressors. Through its experts, ORAPO contributes to the mediatisation of preventive messages. ORAPO researchers aim to participate in public debates on the following topics: homicide-suicide, femicide, femicide-suicide, genocide, filicide, filicide-suicide, migration and crime, media and crime, media representation of femicide, homicide-suicide.

Research Topics

   ORAPO will be involved in the activities of fundamental research and also in activities of research-action/intervention alongside the following directions: • The analysis of data on the evolution of various types of homicides in Romania (such as, for example, characteristics of victims and aggressors, modus operandi, geographical distribution of homicides). • The elaboration of national reports on the evolution and the particularities of homicide at national, regional and local level. • Comparative analysis of Romanian data and international data on homicides (from the European Union and other areas of the world). • The identification of risk factors specific to different types of homicides: femicide, child homicide, homicide-suicide, familicide and other types. • Monitoring the Romanian media and analyzing ways in which the Romanian media covers homicides, aggressors and victims of homicide. • The elaboration of a good practice guide regarding the mediatization of certain types of homicides.

Research programs
  • 2020-2021 - Lethal violence-peculiarities, risk factors, intervention and prevention strategies

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