Research Laboratory Social Europe

Tenured Researchers

  • Valentina Pricopie (researcher first degree, Ph.D)
  • Cristina Dâmboeanu (researcher second degree, Ph.D)

Research topics

   Europe and Europeanisation (symbolic universes of the European construction, discourses and media representations in the European public sphere, European identity and East-West divide, European memory studies); sociology of social problems (crime and imprisonment, restorative justice, sociology of recidivism, Romanian post-communist society and the new vul¬nerable groups); sociology of human rights (exploratory perspectives on ideals, values, principles and rights in contemporary society).

Brief Description

   Created in January 2010, SERL is a new research laboratory of the Institute of Sociology aiming at investigating current social problems of interest in the European context. In 2014, SERL initiated the National Research Network European Memory Studies (EMS-Ro) in order to explore different discursive common places of the European memory and their Romanian dimension. The current research program of SERL is Far away Europe: Memory, Confluences, Influences (2017-2019), dedicated to Romanian collective memory of World War II and its European benchmarks. Previous research programs included: 1/ Symbolic Universes of the European Construction (2014-2016), focusing on the social and identity pillars that have served as reference points for Romania`s adhesion to the EU, and 2/ Social Europe (2010-2013) dealing with the social and societal dimensions of Europeanization and the way(s) various European programs and initiatives were applied in Romania. SERL has implemented several national and European funded projects. It has also organized prestigious international conferences and workshops.

Research Programs
  • 2014-2016 - Symbolic Universes of European Construction
  • 2017-2019 - Faraway Europe: Memory, Confluences and Influences

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