Research Laboratory Social Theory and History of Sociology

Tenured Researchers
  • Adela Şerban (researcher third degree, Ph.D)
  • Lucian Dumitrescu (researcher third degree, Ph.D)
  • Florentina Herea (researcher, Ph.D)
Associated Researchers and Contributors
  • Marian Munteanu (Ph.D. in Ethnology and Folklore, expert in Traditional Culture)
  • Gabriela Octaviana Jianu (Ph.D. in History, expert in History of Culture, Communist Studies and Recent History)
  • Viorica Joiţa (Master in Intercultural Relations and Ethnic Studies)
  • Oana Brănescu (Master in Security Studies)

Research topics

   Social morphology, community and identity studies, societal security, theory of culture, history of sociological ideas

Brief Description

   The Laboratory is reuniting researchers interested in two well-established research areas within sociological field: Social Theory and History of Sociology.
   Social Theory is an instrumental area of expertise and an essential part of studying social phenomena. Its main purpose consist in analyzing the theoretical frameworks used in scientific comprehension of society, for improving the existing approaches. Complementary, the History of Sociology is a specialized part of History of Knowledge, focused on studying the evolutional course of the sociological thought (both theoretical and methodological approaches used in social research), and the social context in which they emerged and developed.
   Laboratory research in Social Theory is focused especially on topics related with social morphology. The institutional memory of Romanian sociology being affected by the communist censorship, the Laboratory also research the Romanian sociological thought on these topics developed before WWII or under the communist regime.

Research Programs
  • 2014-2016 - Traditional – Modern Correlations and Persistancy in Romanian Institutional Space
  • 2017-2019 - Theoretical Models on Social Morphology
  • 2020 - Community and Institutional Morphology
  • 2021 - Security Culture. Theoretical Bases

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