Research Laboratory Sociology of Communication and Public Space

Tenured Researchers
  • Nicolae Perpelea (researcher second degree, Ph.D)
  • Camelia Beciu (researcher second degree, Ph.D)
  • Anca Velicu (researcher third degree, Ph.D)
Associated Researchers and Contributors
  • Nicolas Pelissier (Professor, Ph.D, Universite Nice Sophia-Antipolis, Departements Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication)
  • Monica Barbovschi (Ph.D, Centre for Social and Educational Research (CSER), Dublin Institute of Technology)
  • Brad Bushman (Professor, Ph.D, Margaret Hall and Robert Randal Rinehart Chair of Mass Communication, School of Communication, The Ohio State University, USA)
Research Topics

   Media and public space; the construction of public problems; children and digital media; communication practices of collective actions/ protests

Brief Description

   The Sociology of Communication and Public Space Laboratory, affiliated with the Institute of Sociology of the Romanian Academy, carries out interdisciplinary research programmes on social phenomena and public problems in correlation with communicative and discursive practices. SocioCom brings together senior researchers, postdoctoral researchers and PhD students who are currently working on sociology, political communication, discourse analysis and media studies. SocioCom participates extensively in international research projects and expertise projects.

Research Programs
  • 2014-2016 - Noile media şşi reconfigurarea problemelor publice. Forme emergente de vizibilitate şi acţiune socială
  • 2017-2019 - Mediapolis: media and public issues in transnational contexts

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